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Haskapberry Pie

Extremely Rare and Exclusive, be the first to taste and serve This $100.00 pie only $49.95

Haskapberry Pie Berry Best of All Berries

Haskap berries are a documented "Super Food" (also called Honeyberries or Honeysuckle) and are now grown in North America.  Insanely delicious, our original Haskapberry pie is intense in taste and color, filled with antioxidants, selenium, and vitamin C, 3 times more so than any other berry.  Haskap means "long life and good vision" in Japanese.  These exotic berries are of Siberian and Japanese origin.  Its remarkable health properties make it a guiltless treat and is jaw-dropping, mouthwateringly good. 

Due to limited production and high demand of this superberry pie, we suggest that you pre-order by emailing us at info@berrybestbrand.com.  No payment required until order is ready to ship.

Haskapberry Pie


Haskapberry Pie - Box of 1 - 9" Pie


Haskapberry Pie - Box of 2 - 3" Pies


Haskapberry Pie - Box of 6 - 3" Pies


Haskapberry Pie - Box of 9 - 3" Pies

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Box of one 9 inch pie serves 8 - 10
Box of nine 3 inch pies serves 9  
Box of six 3 inch pies serves 6
Box of two  3 inch pies serves 2